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Balancing a family, a farm, and full-time jobs

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& Ken

“Both Ken and I had zero farming experience.”

- Rosemary & Ken


& Donna

“The sun is shining and things look pretty good.”

- Jeremy & Donna


& Tonia

“If it grows to full time or not, we’ll see where that takes us.”

- Dwayne & Tonia


& Nathan

“We got into farming for the environment.”

- Tarrah & Nathan


& Joanna

“It’s just a satisfying way to spend the day.”

- Rob & Joanna


Try a John Deere tractor on your own property

When you’re running a farm, there’s always something that needs to be done. Discover all the things you can do, and do more of, with a tractor that’s made for you. Try a John Deere tractor on your own land during the Get Down to Dirt demo. We’ll bring it over to your farm, help you set it up and walk you through how it works.

Explore our tractors

  • The 3E series is the ideal companion for the serious gardener. From tilling, to moving, to lifting, it’ll save you time—and it’ll save your back, too.

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  • Whether it’s daytime or nighttime you’ll haul, mow and till a lot of acres—a lot faster—with the 5E series.

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  • Got livestock? These 5E series tractors are ideal for your heaviest chores—from scraping out barns to mowing and baling hay, they can do it all.

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Let’s get down to dirt

Please take a moment and tell us about your small-farming venture. It’ll help us match your needs with a tractor that’s right for you. If there’s a demo available, a John Deere dealer representative will be in touch soon. We recommend you sign up today—demos are only available for a limited time.

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